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Filter Cartridges

Apex Bio Solutions offers wide range of pleated membrane filters PP, PES, PTFE, SS GF, PVDF, Nylon 66, Cellulose, Poly ester cartridges offer a wide array of micron ratings from 0.1 to 150 micron ratings.

All cartridges are produced in the USA and Europe by using most modern technologies available.

Available in Sterile and non Sterile grades.

Complete testing guarantees a superior and consistent product Cartridges have excellent dirt holding capacity with low flow resistance Naturally hydrophilic media does not need wetted before use.We offer all end cap configurations to fit your applications and housings. Polyethersulfone media is excellent for its low protein binding and chemical compatibility. Cartridges are manufactured to meet FDA Title 21 for food contact applications. Cartridges are constructed in a clean room environment.


  • Solvent filtration
  • Sterile vent filters for storage tanks
  • Coating-solvent in the electronic industry
  • Filtration of non-aqueous chemicals
  • Filtration of acid baths for the production of semiconductors
  • Compressed Gas
  • Pharmaceutical and intermediate Solvents
  • Blood products
  • Complex biological
  • Serum
  • Cell and tissue culture media
  • Process intermediates
  • Supernatants
  • Vaccines
  • Ophthalmics
  • Buffers

Design Features and Benefits

  • Unique, patented PES membrane offers very high flow rates and exceptional service life Chemical compatibility across pH 1-14.
  • Low adsorption, high transmission of proteins, active ingredients and preservatives.
  • Superior throughput in high contaminant fluids, including growth media, serum and proteincontaining solutions.
  • Lower filtration costs through increased service life and contaminant-holding capacity. Permanently hydrophilic membrane contains no binders, adhesives or other extraneous materials.
  • 100% integrity tested during manufacture Biologically inert and non-toxic, the filter meets FDA requirements for food contact use and passes USP Class VI.
  • Plastics biological reactivity tests Filters comply with European Commission Directive 2002/72/EC and subsequent amendments up to 2008/39/EC.

Membrane Filters

Avaialble in 47mm, 142, 293mm formats.
MOC are: PES, Nylon, PTFE, PVDF, Cellulose.
Mic rating: 0.1 to 25 mic.

Syringe Filter

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