Fluid Handling Specialist

Cellulose Pads/Process Vessels

Cellulose/Carbon Pads and Lenticular Modules

We are providing our reputed customers an excellent quality range of Cellulose Pads/Carbon impregnated cellulose pads and modules. These products are extensively used for the particle retention and color removal in pharmaceutical, wine industry and in different chemical processes. Offers in wide range of micron ratings. This range of Cellulose Filter Pads is available in 100% Cellulose that can control micron from 1-100 micron and is offered in sheet.


  • High flow rates good absorption
  • Wide chemical applicability, high resistance to acid and alkali
  • Chemically stable
  • High temperature resistance
  • Carbon retention


  • Particle Removal in pharma industry
  • Polishing Filtration
  • Final Filtration (germ removal)
  • Clarifying Filtration
  • Removal of Colloids
  • Filtration after Stabilization
  • Pre-filtration
  • Final Membrane Filters

Material of Constructions

Depth filter media: Cellulose fibers, Natural diatomaceous earths, Perlite, Resins, and etc Carbom Impregnated Cellulose Pads.

Material of Constructions