Process Vessels

Surface Finishes

Electropolishing is the standard for our range of pharmaceutical/ hygienic vessels, many of our customers opting for mechanical polishing which smoothes the metal’s surface to facilitate film or soil removal and reduce contamination and adhesive. Euro Pressure Vessels stain less steel vessels are progressively polished to free all product contact surfaces or visible imperfections,such as inclusions and pits, for maximum hygiene, release-ability and clean-ability.

Construction Materials

Our pharmaceutical/ hygienic portable pressure vessels and fittings can be constructed from a varietyofmaterials,including:Type304L,316Lor 317L low-carbon-grade stainless steel.Type 304, 316 or317stainlesssteel.HigheralloyssuchasHastelloy,

Monel or Duplex.Internally lined with materials such as Teflon.

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